Diamond Heads – Luxury Products company from Hawaï – logo introduction from ID Conception on Vimeo.


Diamond Heads – Logo introduction

We are pround to present you this awesome logo introduction created for the brand new luxury Products company Diamond Heads.

When a Diamond Heads product made its first appearance in the world of its owner, a special relationship is instantly created. This relationship is based on mutual respect for work well done through selected design lines and careful selection of certified diamonds source that make up our products.
 Our quality is on a par with patience and passion of our artisans involved in the making of each masterpiece. The energy of pure diamond is an inexhaustible creative source that will power all your writing projects to heights of excellence.
 Luxury is a buzzword these days. At Diamond Heads it symbolizes beauty in all details, the pleasure it gives to its users and our clear intention to evolve within traditions.
 Diamond Head is our ultimate symbol referring to the most majestic volcano in the world located in Honolulu, Hawaii. He alone illustrates the intense energy that drives us in the deployment of the brand internationally. It is for us an infinite inspirational model for its natural beauty and its seafront location. Marrying elements such as water and fire is our daily mission to make you feel this force in anything we do..